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We appreciate your sharing your time, talent, and expertise. Everyone loves your creative balloon sculptures, walk-around magic and the way you express your stories and poems.”                                                                                 -Ledgeview Elementary School

One thing you never run out of, is happy customers!

KIDS LOVE BALLOON TWISTING!! Starting with hundreds of balloon shapes and colors, the balloon artist inflates each balloon separately. Then she ties it off, twists, shapes, and adds cartoon details, creating a balloon sculpture!

Whatever the occasion. Debbie can customize ANY PARTY FOR YOUR enjoyment! All Ages!

Deborah creates unique hats, toys, zoo animals, or flowers from 260 balloons. Some sculptures require additional balloon shapes and sizes.

***Potential hazard warning: Balloons are not for children 3 years of age and under.***

Contact Deborah Hercsek: 330-666-2800

email: tales4u2@gmail.com  or contact Deborah. CLICK HERE.