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“It’s been ten years since my mother’s 90th birthday party, and my grown children still talk about Rosebud D. Clown.  You have touched their lives forever.”                -Nonie Nekich

In this photo, Deborah is telling tales at The Country Club in Pepper Pike, Ohio.

The children also get to masquerade in comical wigs and hats and animal noses.

Active participation is one of the best ways to keep kids interested and enthusiastic . Endless fun for every one!

Photo shown on left: Bath Ohio, Deborah Hercsek during an Outdoor state festival, Special performance, Native American  Tales.

Kids of all ages love to listen to stories!

Deborah incorporates her extensive travels, cultural experiences and education into her storytelling so children of all ages learn and laugh from each performance!

Kenya, Africa - In photo to left, Deborah is telling tales at a school in Kenya.

The children were fascinated with her every word!  What an unforgettable experience for Deborah and the students!

Deborah brings her stories, fables, lore, and poetry ALIVE with her dramatic antics, animation, humor and magical voices!  It is amazing to look at the enthusiastic faces and sparkling eyes of children who are watching Deborah perform.

If you have a special holiday event, celebration or party event coming soon, Contact Deborah. The children, as well as the adults will cherish this performer for many years to come!

Contact Deborah Hercsek: 330-666-2800

email: tales4u2@gmail.com or contact Deborah. CLICK HERE.